The Most Mysterious Liberal in the World

October 1, 2010

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“The Most Mysterious Liberal In The World” Sourcing

He is The Most Mysterious Liberal In The World.

He’s Bill White.

He once made a half million dollars off Hurricane Rita – and tried to hide it.

SOURCE: “White profited from company hired during Rita,” Associated Press, 6/9/10,

Bill White likes Obama so much he taught him how to spend taxpayers’ money – liberally.

SOURCE: “Bill White's advice to Obama on cap and trade,” Houston Chronicle, 5/18/10,

He once had a nervous moment – when asked if he would raise taxes, because he will.

SOURCE: “A Conversation with Bill White,” Texas Tribune, 3/12/10,

He’s Bill White, The Most Mysterious Liberal In The World.

He’s made millions from private corporations while serving as mayor of Houston.

“White linked to company facing pollution probe,” Houston Chronicle, 3/17/10,
“Deals that made Bill White wealthy reflect a demanding, focused style,” Dallas Morning News, 9/5/10,

Bill White spent every dime as mayor of Houston – and then spent $17 billion more, leaving Houston with more debt.

SOURCE: “The City of Houston Is Teetering On The Edge Of A Fiscal Abyss,” Citizens For Public Accountability, July 2010,

His income taxes are hidden, where the public will never see them.

SOURCE: “Bill White says releasing tax returns for debate would set 'bad precedent,’” Dallas Morning News, 9/17/10,

He’s Bill White, The Most Mysterious Liberal In The World.

“I don’t always release my taxes, but when I do, there’s always a scandal. When you run for governor, hide your tax releases, my friends.”