International Man Of Mystery: What Are Details Of Bill White’s “Self-Employed Business” From 1995?

Liberal trial lawyer cryptically refers to unnamed business venture during year he paid no taxes
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September 17, 2010
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During a radio interview Thursday, liberal trial lawyer Bill White referred to an unnamed “self-employed business” that he says lost him money in 1995 after he resigned his position as Deputy Secretary of Energy in the Clinton Administration.

Bill White said, “In the other half of the year, when I was out of government, I lost money, in my business, with a self-employed business. And so then I got a refund.” (Audio available at “Special interview with Bill White,” Trey Ware show, 550 KTSA,

“Bill White did not incorporate Frontera Resources until three days before Christmas in 1995, yet his campaign admits he did not pay taxes that year despite earning a six-figure annual salary serving as Deputy Secretary of Energy until August,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Was Bill White involved in another mystery business venture in 1995 that he has kept hidden from the public? Since Bill White refuses to release his taxes, the public has no way of learning the truth about Bill White’s shady business dealings or the accounting tricks he used to avoid paying taxes.”

Bill White resigned as Deputy Secretary of Energy on Aug. 11, 1995, but did not file articles of incorporation for Frontera Resources until Dec. 22, 1995. [1, 2]

The Deputy Secretary of Energy, a Level II position of the Executive Branch, had an annual salary of $133,600 in 1995. [3, 4]


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