Bill White Hiding His Taxes Because He Didn’t Pay Them

Liberal trial lawyer didn’t pay taxes while earning $133,600 annual salary as Deputy Secretary of Energy
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September 7, 2010
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It has been uncovered that one reason liberal trial lawyer Bill White refuses to release his taxes from his years in public service is he avoided paying taxes in 1995 while serving as Deputy Secretary of Energy, a Level II position of the Executive Branch with an annual salary of $133,600. [1, 2]

Though Bill White refuses to allow the public to inspect his tax returns for his years in public service, he recently told the Dallas Morning News that he reported no taxable income in 1995. [3]

When confronted with this fact on Monday, Bill White campaign spokesperson Katy Bacon responded, "Bill took a loss in 1995 as he was working on starting an oil and gas business. That's the way taxable income works. One of Perry's returns has $500K in losses." [4]

"It is ironic that Bill White's campaign is referencing the publicly released tax returns of Gov. Perry when responding to stories about Bill White not releasing his," said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. "The word of Bill White's spokesperson is not sufficient when it comes to the contents of Bill White's hidden tax returns. Bill White should come clean and release his taxes for his years in public service so Texans can see for themselves how he managed to avoid paying taxes while earning a six-figure salary from the federal government."

Bill White served as the Deputy Secretary of Energy from April 6, 1993, to Aug. 11, 1995. [5]


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