Bill White Again Calls For More Taxes

Families would see increased taxes on essential products and services
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September 24, 2010
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Liberal trial lawyer Bill White has once again expressed his support for more taxes. With his latest proposal, families across Texas could see increased taxes on everything from dental and physician services to prescription medicine.

From WFAA-TV in Dallas:

Regarding whether the sales tax should be broadened to certain products and services now exempt, Perry and White split; White says, "Maybe."

"If there is a loophole where we have some good bipartisan consensus that somebody got a special privilege where you are not raising the tax rate, those are the type of things — loopholes — what you always want to look at," the former Houston mayor said.

But Perry is unequivocal about not revising the existing sales tax structure.

"During a recession, putting an additional burden on those small businesses, those families, those job creators out there is the worst thing that you can do," he said.

(SOURCE: WFAA-TV, 9/23/10,

“Which one of the more than 100 items exempt from the sales tax would Bill White want to make Texans pay tax on?” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Liberal Bill White’s support for more taxes is the one policy idea he has conveyed during this campaign, and it is a terrible one. Bill White’s latest comments send a message to Texans that if he is elected governor, you better hold on to your wallets.”