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One of Governor Perry's supporters came up with this song and video. Check it out:

A vote for Bill White is a vote to reward Barack Obama's Chicago-style politics, and make his overreaching liberal agenda easier to pass. A vote for Bill White is a vote for fiscal mismanagement and someone who is out of touch with Texans.

Get to the polls today, and vote for Texas Values, and Proven Leadership. Vote for Rick Perry!

The Liberal Bunch

Texans for Rick Perry has released a new video, “The Liberal Bunch.” This video is available online at :

“The Liberal Bunch”
Here’s the story
Of Liberal Bill
And the liberals he met with while mayor
All of them had bleeding hearts like Liberal Bill
One was a little off

Here’s the story
Of Barack Obama
With a team of liberals of his own
Selling hope and change and higher taxes and government control

‘Till the one day Liberal Bill met Obama
And they knew it was much more than a hunch
That these liberals would try to run the country
That’s the way they all became the Liberal Bunch

The Liberal Bunch
The Liberal Bunch
That’s the way they became the Liberal Bunch

The Liberal Bunch Meeting Dates From Bill White's Mayoral Calendar (2004-2009)

Video: “Bill White’s Chicago Way”

October 21, 2010

When liberal trial lawyer Bill White ran for Houston mayor in 2003, he was asked, “Which city in the world could best serve as a role model for a future Houston?”

Bill White answer? “Chicago.” [1]

The video “Bill White’s Chicago Way” is available at

“Liberal Bill White’s admiration for the Chicago Way was evident when he steered a contract following Hurricane Rita to a company he had a financial relationship with, then profited from a private investment in the company,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “While Houston mayor, Bill White met with two other followers of the Chicago Way, then-Senator Barack Obama and his future chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.”

The Associated Press has reported, “Barack Obama, before he became president, leads a list of luminaries who met with White in Houston during his six years leading the nation's fourth largest city, according to mayoral calendar records provided to The Associated Press by Perry's campaign. Former President Bill Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden and former Democratic presidential candidates Bill Richardson, John Edwards and Wesley Clark also made the list. There is a phone call with Caroline Kennedy and a meeting with Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel, who later became White House chief of staff.” [2]


[1] “Campaign notebook,” Houston Chronicle, 11/2/03

[2] “White's schedule included politics, too,” Associated Press, 10/9/10,

Bill White Can’t Even Rate President Obama’s Job Performance

October 20, 2010

Liberal trial lawyer Bill White could not even rate President Barack Obama’s job performance on Tuesday, delivering a “windy, Harvard-lawyer explanation” rather than denounce policies that would be harmful to Texas.

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: “But in a moment that might be a metaphor for White's campaign, viewers also saw him called out by moderator Christy Hoppe of The Dallas Morning News for turning a simple ‘lightning round’ question into a windy, Harvard-lawyer explanation of why he wouldn't rate President Barack Obama on a scale of 1 to 10. ‘Mayor White,’ Hoppe interrupted, ‘this is a lightning round.’” (SOURCE: “White may be lucky debate wasn't better watched,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 10/20/10,

“It’s not surprising that Bill White has chosen not to criticize President Obama considering he shares his liberal values and supports his policies,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Bill White met with then-Senator Obama in the Houston’s mayor’s office, advised his campaign on energy policy, wrote a memo explaining how to sell cap-and-trade to the public, traveled to the White House to promote the $787 billion stimulus, and said he supported the goals of Obamacare. Bill White’s support for President Obama and his liberal policies is completely out of touch with Texas values.”

Why Did Bill White’s Top Fundraiser Review City’s Legislative Agenda In Mayor’s Office?

October 13, 2010

Liberal trial lawyer Bill White’s top fundraiser was a constant presence in the Houston mayor’s office under Bill White, even participating in an official review of the city’s legislative agenda, according to Bill White’s official mayoral calendar.

As Associated Press analysis of Bill White’s calendar reports, “White's top Houston fundraiser, Herb Butrum, appears more than 140 times during White's tenure as mayor.” [1]

Specifically, on Nov. 3, 2004, Herb Butrum met with Bill White and the city’s director of government affairs in the mayor’s office to review the city’s legislative agenda. [2]

“Liberal Bill White never lets an opportunity to make money pass him by,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Allowing his top fundraiser to review the city of Houston’s legislative agenda in the mayor’s office is just one more example of Bill White’s willingness to profit from public service. Bill White’s history of unethical behavior also includes providing $10 million in incentives to a Boston company whose CEO made a maximum political contribution to his campaign weeks later, steering a contract to a company he had a financial relationship with following Hurricane Rita, and earning millions from a company under investigation by Congress while serving as mayor.”

The Houston Chronicle recently reported, “City Council approved White's plan last year to provide $10 million in incentives to a Boston company for a downtown development. The company's CEO contributed $3,400 to White's Senate campaign a few weeks later.” [3]